The Company complies with the U.S. export control laws and regulations that apply to the brokering, export and reexport of dual-use and defense articles and technology, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (“ITAR”) and the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”).
The Department of State, United States of America, requires that this completed form (DSP-83) be included as a part of an application for authorization to export Significant Military Equipment (SME) and classified equipment or data (22 CFR §§ 123, 10 (d) and 125.21).  Failure to submit may result in the application being “Returned Without Action” (R W A).  The form (DSP-83) must be completed by the appropriate foreign persons (e.g., consignee, end-user, government) and forwarded to the Department of State through the U.S. person making the application.
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