Invest in the future of space exploration.
Infinite Composites has dedicated more than 10 years to pushing the limits of pressure vessel innovation. Building the most efficient Type V liner-less tank for critical transportation and infrastructure applications for space, aviation, defense, and automotive applications.

With internationally patented technologies to produce the the most efficient Type V liner-less tanks on the market, Infinite Composites is gaining attention from both private & public spacecraft companies and government programs.

Infinite Composites tanks serve the $158B global pressure vessel market.
Since inception the Company has raised $4.5M from angel and institutional investors, grants, and a public allocation round on Spaced Ventures, creating growth in team size & technical capabilities.
$8.5M in contracts, including SpaceX, Blue Origin, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, NASA, and many other government and private-sector aerospace companies.
>350% revenue growth for two consecutive Years
11,280 sqft MANUFACTURING & TESTING facility
20+ Team Members
20+ different tank Designs, 0.1L to 325L
7 patents in US & Canada
Extreme Temperature Testing: -400ºF to 1500ºF
18,000 pressure cycles or a 20 year Useful life
DO-160G Crashworthiness testing
400% tank deliveries in 2020
Invest in the Future of Fuel Storage
Seeking $6.5M to take Infinite Composites to the next level.

Infinite Composites is poised to become the category leader for linerless composite tank solutions on Earth and beyond over the next 50 years.
Expansion of Team
Business Development & Engineers
Facility & Equipment
support rapid sales growth
Product Certification
Enabling widespread global adoption
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