Invest in the future of space
Infinite Composites has dedicated the past 10 years defining the limits of what is possible with composite pressure vessels for aerospace, aviation, defense, and industrial gas applications. Providing internationally patented technology and the most efficient tanks on the market, gaining contracts from marquee space companies globally like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Thales Alenia Space as well as government agencies like NASA, US Air Force, and the National Science Foundation.

In 2020, Infinite Composites delivered 26 products to customers (a >400% increase from 2019). In 2021, the Company closed $2.2 million in new contracts and exceeded all previous annual revenues in just 3 months. The Company also has opportunities to secure $3.8M in contracts to deliver 200 more tanks by the year's end. This includes initial hardware for GEO communication satellites, a DARPA satellite constellation, 3 launch vehicles, and an electric aircraft, along with a hypersonic aircraft.