Infinite Composites Awarded $470K Hydrogen Contract

Tulsa, OK - Infinite Composites, Inc. has been awarded a $470,748 Industry Innovation Program (formerly OARS) from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement in Science and Technology (OCAST) to scale its products in both size and pressure to aid the growing hydrogen economy.

InfiniteComposites, Inc. will benefit from the proposed project by scaling up its products to meet customer demand for large-format, lightweight hydrogen tanks for aviation and transportation. This will enable the company to secure larger more lucrative contracts with both civilian and military customers. Furthermore, the project will benefit the company by developing new talent through its continued collaboration with Oklahoma State University - Tulsa (OSU). OSU will also benefit from the project by giving its students experiential learning opportunities, which will prepare them for graduation and job placement in the future. Infinite Composites will match this project with a recently received $1.6 million award from the Army for conformal hydrogen tanks.


“This project is coming in at a perfect time.We’re going to be able to match the funding from OCAST with our existing Army contract, both of which are focused on growing the capabilities of Type 5 tanks to serve 700 bar (10,000 PSI) pressures for vehicle and infrastructure needs, said R. Matt Villarreal, Co-Founder and CEO of Infinite Composites. “We’ve been seeing significant demand increases for higher pressure hydrogen tanks, and these funds will help us advance our products to serve more customers in different industries.”


Mr. Villarreal went on to say that hydrogen is penetrating multiple markets as the fuel of the future on Earth and beyond for rockets, spacecraft, aircraft, unmanned vehicles, and ground vehicles. Oklahoma is primed for a hydrogen revolution utilizing the state's existing compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure and major oil and gas players to transition to the next fueling renaissance. Infinite Composites says that these higher-pressure capabilities will also help serve their space customers and create new infrastructure capabilities for applications that need high-pressure, lightweight solutions.

Additionally, the company expects the initial economic impact will help retain existing jobs with current personnel, support additional full-time employees, and increase the Company’s intern program size. Post-contract, and expected even prior, this research will lead to new product offerings for the Company to offer its growing customer base both for hydrogen storage and beyond.

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InfiniteComposites, Inc. is an Oklahoma-based small business providing next-generation gas storage solutions for space exploration and sustainable transportation. The company provides products and services for aerospace/defense, transportation, and industrial gas applications. Its primary products are linerless, composite pressure vessels. For more media information visit reach out to


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