Leonid Capital Partners Invests in Infinite Composites

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leonid Capital Partners, a leading provider of alternative financing solutions for government contractors, announced today a strategic partnership with Infinite Composites, a revolutionary innovator in advanced materials shaping the future of both government and commercial space missions and the global energy transition. This unique financing agreement, tailored to Infinite Composites’ Army Phase 2 SBIR contract, fuels their rapid development of next-generation pressure vessels for aerospace and transportation.

Infinite Composites is a pioneer in composite pressure vessel design. Their groundbreaking, lightweight, composite materials significantly reduce gas storage costs, enhance performance through mass reductions, and extend mission lifespans. This not only strengthens National Security capabilities but also paves the way for a more vibrant and accessible commercial space and hydrogen transportation market.

By securing Leonid’s strategic financing, Infinite Composites gains the financial agility needed to expedite their path to market. Leonid’s unique loan structure leverages Infinite Composites’ Army SBIR contract, providing immediate access to capital for internal growth investments. This innovative approach reflects Leonid’s commitment to fostering advancements in critical sectors like materials science at the intersection of National Security and Space.

“Leonid’s understanding of our industry and the need for flexible financing solutions perfectly align with our growth trajectory,” said Matt Villarreal, CEO of Infinite Composites. “Their partnership allows us to focus on delivering these game-changing materials to market, knowing our financial needs are met.”

"Infinite Composites is not just pushing the boundaries of materials science, they are propelling America forward in the new space and new energy era," said Chris Lay, Founding Partner at Leonid Capital Partners. "This partnership exemplifies Leonid’s dedication to empowering ventures that reshape the future of space and transportation, both for national security and commercial exploration."

About Leonid Capital Partners

Leonid Capital Partners is a private investment firm providing alternative financing solutions for US Government Contractors. Leonid offers flexible and innovative financing options, enabling companies to achieve their full potential. For more information, please visit https://leonidfinance.io.

About Infinite Composites

Infinite Composites revolutionizes space exploration and sustainable transportation with their groundbreaking, ultra-lightweight composite pressure vessels. Their advanced technology overcomes weight limitations and capacity challenges, resulting in reduced transportation costs, extended vehicle ranges, and unprecedented advancements in both government and commercial space missions and transportation initiatives. For more details, please visit https://www.infinitecomposites.com/.