Meet our Summer 2022 Interns

Meet our Summer 2022 Interns: 

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Ben is graduating from OSU-Tulsa in December with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He joined Infinite Composites because of his interest in filament winding manufacturing techniques and sees a lot of potential within the company moving forward.

Electrical Engineering Intern

Gregory is a senior Electrical & Computer Engineering major at the University of Tulsa. He plans to pursue his Masters in Electrical Engineering after graduation. Gregory joined Infinite Composites after his classmate Cole Williams referred him & stated how great it was to work there. He's most excited about the opportunity to dive into all aspects of Infinite Composites to learn everything he can! So far, he's really enjoyed production & 3D printing, even ordering his own 3D printer. Originally from Saint Louis, MO, Gregory is focused on a career in the aerospace industry - a topic he has always held a lot of interest in.

Electrical Engineering Intern

Cole is pursuing his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at the University of Tulsa. He is also considering pursuing a law degree in Intellectual Property, merging engineering & law backgrounds. Interning at Infinite Composites has allowed Cole to develop a greater breadth of skills, including research, design of PCBs, improved CAD & 3D printing abilities, and general business development. Infinite Composites has allowed him to communicate and work on business development internationally, something not found with most other internships.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Weston is majoring in Mechanical Engineering at OSU-Tulsa and hopes to obtain a Masters in Engineering post-graduation. He hopes to use all aspects of his engineering in his career including, Fluids Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Electrical, and Mechanical systems. Weston chose to intern at Infinite Composites because of the freedom and closeness that smaller companies offer. He also finds the work at Infinite Composites interesting & technical. After the internship, Weston will be joining the Infinite Composites team as a Manufacturing Engineer.