Declining Cost of Accessing Space
The cost of accessing space ranges from $8,000 per kg to low Earth orbit (LEO) and up to $2.7 million to send 1kg to Mars.
Revolutionizing Pressurized Gas Storage
Composites Weekly podcast interview
Infinite Composites Technologies Joins Space Race
For a first-time visitor, the eight spools of black ribbon hanging on racks inside a glass-enclosed cabinet at Tulsa's Infinite Composites Technol..
OSU-Tulsa Researchers Take Ideas from the Lab to the Marketplace
Researchers Take Ideas from the Lab to the MarketplaceAside from state-of-the art laboratories, a clean room for device fabrication and advanced...
Vision of the Future of Space Refueling with CPVs
Space buzz...
Fibers for Composite Pressure Vessels
Since 1970 pressure vessel manufacturers have been using continuous fibers filaments...
Next-Generation Pressure Vessels in Space
It all began as students at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Stillwater, Okla. In 2008...
OSU-Tulsa and ICT to Develop Fuel Storage Tank
The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) has awarded a nearly $300,000...
Home Grown Technologies and Advanced Fuel Efficiency
(ICT) of Tulsa, Oklahoma, designs, develops and manufactures advanced compressed natural gas (CNG) storage systems...
The Liner-less Tank Solution
Composites World Magazine has referred to the liner-less, Type 5 (Type V) fuel storage tank as...
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