Pressure Vessels in the Present and Future Space Economy
Pressure vessels are all around us and serve as critical components in today’s society. They have many applications underwater, on the ground, in the
Podcast: Investing in the new Space Race with Spaced Ventures
Aaron Burnett, founder of Spaced Ventures discusses investing in space, and the companies including Infinite Composites that are raising on their plat
Space Business Podcast: Matt Villarreal, Infinite Composites: Pressure Vessels
Listen to Matt Villarreal, Co-Founder of Infinite Composites on the Space Business Podcast:
Infinite Composites is Creating a New Product Category for Storing Compressed and Cryogenic Gasses | CEOCFO Magazine
Infinite Composites Co-Founder & CEO, Matt Villarreal was interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine. Read the full interview below:
Private Space Investors Prepare for Windfalls: NASDAQ
Check out Infinite Composites' mention in a NASDAQ article about investing in space companies.
Space Tech Trends: Advanced Materials
Read about Infinite Composites and current tech trends in Space:
Thom Howell Promoted to VP General Manager
Congratulations Thom Howell! Thom has been promoted to VP General Manager. We're excited to have you on our team. Thank you for all your hard work!
Infinite Composites Inc. Opens Equity Crowdfunding Round on Spaced Ventures
Infinite Composites is opening its new funding round to the public, as a first opportunity to provide friends, family, followers, customers, and vendo
Employee Spotlight: Meet Travis Payne, Senior Mechanical Engineer
This week we're putting the spotlight on our VP of Engineering, Jeff Sevart.
"Researchers Successfully Used Iodine to Power a Satellite in Space" - Interesting Engineering
Infinite Composites discusses Iodine to Power Satellites in Interesting Engineering.
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