Matt Villarreal of Infinite Composites Tells Us How His Company is Pushing Space Exploration Limitations during the Pandemic
Learn about how Infinite Composites is adapting to the pandemic & continuing to push the limitations of pressure vessels.
Interview Series: Matt Villarreal: Co-Founder and CEO of Infinite Composites Technologies
Our Co-Founder & CEO and the team at Satellite News Network dive into pressure vessels, satellites, and what iCPV could mean for the future of space.
Techstars Starburst Space Demo Day Video
In case you missed us at the Livestream of Techstars Starburst Space Demo Day, you can check out our presentation below.‍
Watch us at Techstars Demo Day: Tomorrow, Wed 9 Sept
Techstars Starburst is a program with a lot of heavyweight backing from both private industry and public agencies
Pressure Vessel Composite Materials Market - Forecast (2020 - 2025)
Thank you to IndustryARC on the ICT mention in the report on "Increasing use of Pressure Vessel Composite Materials for Space Technology"
Whitepaper: Additive Manufacturing of Strain Gauge Sensors Using Conductive Polymer
This investigation reports on the use of additively manufactured biaxial strain gauge sensors for assessing the loads and deformations in a linerless
Re-certified for AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 compliance
ICT organization’s management system has been re-certified for AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 compliance.
ICT's First International Patent
We've officially received our first international patent for our pressure vessels!
Innovating with Scott Amyx: Interview with Matt Villarreal, CEO of Infinite Composites Technologies
Our CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Villarreal, was interviewed on the Innovating with Scott Amyx podcast! Take a listen to hear about our founding story, tech
Employee Spotlight: Meet Shamim Mondal, Materials Engineer
This week we're putting the spotlight on our Materials Engineer, Shamim Mondal
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