Employee Spotlight: Meet Shamim Mondal, Materials Engineer
This week we're putting the spotlight on our Materials Engineer, Shamim Mondal
Composites World Feature: Developing a Linerless, All-Composite, Spherical Cryotank
Read our recent feature in Composites World Magazine: "Developing a Linerless, All-Composite, Spherical Cryotank"
Infinite Composites Joins Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator
Infinite Composites Technologies is excited to announce our kickoff at Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator 2020!⠀‍
NASA White Sands Test Facility Inks Space Act Agreement with Infinite Composites
Infinite Composites Technologies (ICT) and NASA White Sands Test Facility (NASA-WSTF) inked a Space Act Agreement (SAA) for evaluating and testing
Podcast: Composites Weekly "Introducing the First Ever All Composite CryoSphere Tank for Space Exploration"
ICT was featured on Composites Weekly's latest podcast to discuss our latest CryoSphere.
Introducing the 1st Ever All-Composite Cryosphere
By providing the lowest mass and most cost-effective option to store fuel, ICT’s CryoSphere would affect the in-space capabilities of future missions
"Positive Year for Graphene Business" - The Northern Echo
Our partners at Applied Graphene Materials were featured along with Infinite Composites Technologie's tank for NASA.
Infinite Composites Technologies Received 4th Patent
ICT has been awarded it’s 4th utility patent to date on the design and manufacture of all-composite pressure vessels.
Employee Spotlight: Meet Tarell Nunley, Operations & Facility Manager
This week we're putting the spotlight on our Operations & Facility Manager, Tarell Nunley.
Tulsa Tech Training Leads to Out of This World Career
After years of working with local aircraft companies, he is now part of a groundbreaking company, Infinite Composites Technologies (ICT).
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