Space Business Podcast: Matt Villarreal, Infinite Composites: Pressure Vessels

Listen to Matt Villarreal, Co-Founder of Infinite Composites on the Space Business Podcast:

I thought we may should an episode once in a while talking about specific important components of spacecraft. This is the first such episode: my guest is Matt Villareal, co-founder and CEO of Infinite Composites. They design and manufacture composite pressure vessels. If you don’t yet know what that is, you will after this episode. Enjoy!

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Timestamps 0:00 Intro

1:56 Elevator pitch and background

7:00 Problems with the way tanks are traditionally done

9:05 Trying to push a non-traditional product in space

11:44 Where is the company right now?

13:45 The challenge of scaling up

15:26 Typical space customer

17:56 Space heritage

18:36 Growth strategy

20:43 Pricing

24:36 The competitive Landscape

30:10 Government contracts

31:05 Spaced Ventures

34:06 If you weren't doing Infinite Composites what else would you be doing?

35:04 Sci-Fi

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