Private Space Investors Prepare for Windfalls: NASDAQ

Check out Infinite Composites' mention in a NASDAQ article about investing in space companies.

But as an investor, the space industry is extremely enticing right now.
Going to space is nothing new. We humans have actually made some pretty significant accomplishments over the past several decades… accomplishments that far surpass the recent achievements by Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE), BlueOrigin, and SpaceX.
That’s not to say that each of these companies haven’t developed impressive technology. SpaceX, in particular, has wowed the world with their ability to land rockets vertically, both on land and in the sea. They first did this back in 2016.
However, each of these companies have yet to accomplished anything groundbreaking… like taking people to another planet.
Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Musk’s SpaceX, Bezos’ Blue Origin, and many other private space companies are already buying small private companies with unique IP (intellectual property). As the new space race accelerates, this trend of buying private space companies is certain to accelerate.
This will result in private investors making enormous profits. Early investors who bought into private companies currently valued in the tens of millions will likely see more than 1,000% returns — and much more.

Infinite Composites develops and manufactures advanced composite pressure vessels and structures which are necessary for space travel.

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