2023 Cowboy 100 Honorrees

The Oklahoma State University School of Entrepreneurship has recently awarded the second class of the Cowboy 100 honorees. The Cowboy 100 honors the top 100 fastest-growing businesses owned or operated by OSU graduates. The honorees are chosen based on the growth of their businesses over the past three years. These businesses have grown exponentially and have had a tremendous impact on the economy of Oklahoma and the nation as a whole. Creating jobs and providing services that are vital to the economy.

Founders Matt Villarreal and Michael Tate were awarded 3rd place amongst the fastest growing companies (based on CAGR). Matt and Michael founded the company their senior year while attending OSU with hopes of creating a business that would influence transportation. That seed of an idea now helps provide their products to numerous space, aviation, and ground applications. Watch their individual award moment here: https://youtu.be/vuxIVn4KGCQ?t=3320 (at the 55:20 mark).

In addition to honoring alumni, the event also inspires current and future OSU students to follow their dreams and pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.The Cowboy 100 also provides an opportunity to celebrate the success of OSU alumni and showcase the university’s commitment to entrepreneurship. It is an inspiring reminder that OSU graduates are creating businesses that are making a difference in the world.The 2021 Cowboy 100 honorees are an impressive group of entrepreneurs that are making a positive impact on the economy. The second class of Cowboy100 honorees included 95 businesses from 20 states and 15 foreign countries. A complete list of this year’s honorees is available at the Cowboy100 website: https://business.okstate.edu/riata/cowboy100/2023_honorees.html.