Employee Spotlight: Meet Jeff Sevart, VP of Engineering

At Infinite Composites, we take pride in the talented folks who make our team. This week we're putting the spotlight on our Vice President of Engineering, Jeff Sevart.

Learn a few quick facts about Jeff & why he loves working at ICT.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Wichita, KS (the “Air Capital of the World”).  My parents, myself and my 4 siblings moved to West Texas when I was 10, where I grew up & attended college.

What does a typical day at ICT look like for you?

My official title is Vice President of Engineering, but I also have many opportunities to influence other aspects of the business such as; production, quality, facilities, HR, and program management.  I’m typically the first person in the office, not because I’m a morning person, but because we have so much work to do.  

I start my mornings early and with a ReadyCheck screening to ensure I am prepared for what the day has to offer. Then I review my schedule, read and respond to emails, follow up on remaining tasks, manage project expectations, and plan my target goals for the day ahead. Most of the team rolls in to work around 9a and from that point forward I listen, lead, and ensure everyone has what they need to be their most productive. I meet quite often with our senior leadership and other stakeholders to discuss ideas, challenges, and opportunities. I bring my lunch most every day and eat at my desk. In the afternoon, I generally try to find time to lead improvement efforts for our processes, provide guidance on performance/projects, discuss tactics, mentor less seasoned engineers, and pretty much everything else.

Outside of ICT, how do you like spending your free time?

I’m an avid golfer, and have made 5 hole-in-one's in my lifetime. My fiancé and I live in the country just north of Tulsa and enjoy gardening, traveling, reading, inventing, bike riding, fishing, and camping.

What is your favorite thing about working at ICT?

By far, this is my favorite and most challenging job to date. Working at ICT is fast-paced, exciting, and meaningful. It is amazing to work for and with some of the smartest, most driven, and interesting people on the planet. Just having the opportunity to be such a huge influencer on this startup's journey to become a world class developer and manufacturer of composite pressure vessels is amazing. It’s easy to love a job where everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission.

Thanks Jeff! By the way, we're always on the look out for talented new team members & interns. Head over to our Careers Page to learn more.