Hydrogen SPACs: still a favoured route to market for new generation of clean energy plays

Our CEO, Matt Villarreal discusses Hydrogen SPACs with The Armchair Trader

“I think the current level of activity for SPAC in hydrogen/EV will be sustainable over the long term because a couple of players in each category will emerge as category leaders and start merging or acquiring the weaker players to accelerate growth and gain the critical mass needed to support widespread adoption,” said Matt Villarreal, CEO of Infinite Composites Technologies, which produces products for the aerospace, aviation, defense, bulk gas transport and vehicular transportation market. “Since the industry is very reliant on hardware innovations and manufacturing, the companies have much longer lifecycles and time horizons vs software/SaaS companies. So, they are usually built to create long term high value opportunities, as opposed to short term, quick exits,” he said.

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