Interview Series: Matt Villarreal: Co-Founder and CEO of Infinite Composites Technologies

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Matt Villarreal and the team at Satellite News Network dive into pressure vessels, satellites, and what iCPV could mean for the future of space.

"As for the future of Infinite Composites, it appears infinite. “The effort to commercialize Low Earth Orbit is already underway. Alongside that, the global space community is pushing for the Artemis program and Lunar Gateway program to set up a lunar base. Space tourism is going to drive a lot of public attention and get more people excited about space. I see industry moving off earth to the moon and mars,” Villarreal says. “Once you leave earth, resources are basically infinite. You’ll need pressurized gas tanks for every vehicle and for all these lunar landers and rovers. We can enable them to move faster…go farther and then have these tanks to support life on other planets.”

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