Life as a NewSpace Startup Founder: A Roundtable Discussion

Join us for an interactive roundtable discussion with the founders of three early-stage NewSpace startups.

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About this event

Join us for an interactive roundtable discussion with the founders of three early-stage NewSpace startups. Yanni Barghouty (Cosmic Shielding Corporation), Jeremy Allam (Exo-Space), and Matt Villarreal (Infinite Composites) will be taking a dive into their tech, talking about where they’re headed, and sharing how they got started. All three companies are currently fundraising using Spaced Venture’s equity crowdfunding platform.

This event is co-hosted by The Orbital Index and Spaced Ventures.


  • Intro by Ben and Andrew from The Orbital Index
  • Moderated discussion with panelists
  • Audience Q&A


Jeremy Allam

Co-founder & CEO, Exo-Space

Yanni Barghouty

Co-founder & CEO, Cosmic Shielding Corporation

Matt Villarreal

Co-founder & CEO, Infinite Composites

Aaron Burnett

Co-founder & CEO, Spaced Ventures

Company summaries:


Offering the FeatherEdge - a satellite mountable machine vision device with proprietary hardware and software, allowing secure access to space information 10x faster by processing data on orbit.

Cosmic Shielding Corporation

State-of-the-art composite materials coupled with advanced radiation forecasting and modeling to deliver the most effective protection systems. By using our advanced multifunctional composites, we’re aiming to build a permanent future in space and a more sustainable future on Earth.

Infinite Composites

Linerless composite pressure vessels are the optimal design for storing compressed and cryogenic fluids. We are building a future where composites are the status quo for critical systems & infrastructure enabling optimal efficiency in space, aviation & transportation.

Spaced Ventures

Spaced Ventures is the leading equity crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to space. *

Filling a critical gap left by venture capitalists, Spaced Ventures offers flexible and much-needed alternative funding options to early stage space companies, while allowing everyday people to back space startups - starting with as little as $100.

*Exo-Space, Cosmic Shielding Corporation and Infinite Composites all currently have live fundraising campaigns listed on Spaced Ventures. You can view all current offering details on