OSU-Tulsa and ICT to Develop Fuel Storage Tank

Composite World Magazine Link The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) has awarded a nearly $300,000 grant to Ranji Vaidyanathan, Ph.D., Varnadow professor of materials science and engineering at Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, to develop a lightweight storage tank for low-temperature pressurized fuels.

Vaidyanathan is working with Infinite Composites Technologies (ICT), Tulsa, Okla., on developing a Cryogenic Composite Engineered Laminated (CryoCEL) tank.

“The ideal application for this project is for transporting fuels that require storage at low temperatures.” Vaidyanathan said. “The new tank will be more economical because of its lighter weight and ability to conserve fuel by preventing boil-off.”