Shamim Mondal Speaking Carbon Fiber NOW by CompositesWorld

Watch our Materials Engineer, Shamim Mondal, at this year's Carbon Fiber NOW. This year's conference will be digital and is hosted by CompositesWorld.

The conference will be held from Novermber 17-19 online.

About The Conference:
​​CompositesWorld’s Carbon Fiber NOW will provide an objective, comprehensive digital forum to discuss new developments for carbon fibers in emerging industrial markets, such as wind energy, marine, and construction, as well as in traditional markets, such as aerospace and sporting goods. Online discussions will focus on methods to streamline manufacturing costs in both industrial and aerospace applications and the outlook for consumption in markets with significant potential for growth.​

About the Talk:

Development of Type V All Composite Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen Gas

This investigation reports on the development and testing of linerless (type V) composite pressure vessels (iCPV) for hydrogen storage. Hydrogen storage is often cited as the greatest obstacle to achieving a hydrogen economy free of environmental pollution and dependence on foreign oil. The storage of hydrogen in a compressed gaseous form offers the simplest solution in terms of infrastructure requirements and has become the most popular and most highly developed hydrogen storage method. The main issue with hydrogen storage in vessels with steel liners is the hydrogen embrittlement of the steel liner, vessels with aluminum liner are more expensive and have smaller capacity and vessels with polymer liner have unsatisfactory permeation rate through the polymeric liner. Efficient storage of hydrogen is crucial for the success of ​hydrogen energy markets​. Carbon fiber/epoxy composites have been increasingly used to develop the lightweight high pressure hydrogen storage vessel in areas of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Hydrogen storage vessels are the key equipment of hydrogen refueling stations, fuel-cell systems of automobiles and hydrogen-fuel aircrafts because of their low weight. These all-composite linerless vessels are developed for hydrogen energy storage with a high operating pressure of 5076 psi (350 bar). Development and testing of this hydrogen storage vessel allowed us to realize a hydrogen storage system advantageous in both pressure vessel efficiency and gravimetric storage density compared with conventional hydrogen storage techniques. These iCPVs have achieved pressure vessel efficiency of 1.36 million and gravimetric storage density of 0.1 H​2 kg/kg along with a safety factor of 2x, industry leading permeation rate of 2.5x10-6 SCCS, successfully completed pressure cycle testing and met vibration test requirements as per DO-160G standard while being lighter and cheaper than conventional units.