Techstars Starburst Space Demo Day Video

In case you missed us at the Livestream of Techstars Starburst Space Demo Day, you can check out our presentation below.

We'd also like to give a few shoutouts to the folks who helped us throughout the program. Thank you to the Techstars & Starburst teams, sponsors, and mentors:

All of the internal Techstars / Starburst team members

Rob Meyerson, Delalune Space (Former Pres. At Blue Origin)

Todd Mosher, Amazon Kuiper

Dylan Taylor, Voyager Space Holdings

William Pomerantz, Virgin Orbit

Josh Rickey, Northrop Grumman

Eric Anderson, And One Technologies

Ron Epstein, Bank of America

Joe Laurienti, Usra Major

Rhae Adams, First Mode

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