Veteran Aerospace Entrepreneur Joins Infinite Composites Technologies Board of Directors

OKLAHOMA - Infinite Composite Technologies (ICT), a composite pressure vessel manufacturing company that provides advanced fuel storage solutions for the aerospace and aviation markets, recently announced that former Vector Launch CEO, Jim Cantrell, will be joining to fill the company’s independent board position and provide insight on sales opportunities and regulations in the industry. 

Mr. Cantrell is a veteran of the aerospace industry, who was the founder and former CEO of Vector Launch, a small launch vehicle manufacturing company. In addition, Jim was on the founding teams of SpaceX, and MoonExpresss among others. 

“This seemed like an obvious fit,” said Cantrell, “The fuel tanks for most launch vehicles are the heaviest elements, and ICTs lightweight linerless tanks make them a big part of the future for aerospace. Plus we both have a history with racing and rockets!” 

Cantrell is a strategic addition to the board, aiming to assist with fundraising the company’s series A round and helping to develop the company’s sales strategy moving forward. 

“There a variety of subsystem opportunities within the space launch and vehicle market, and Jim is very knowledgable in the field and well-known, which can open new doors for ICT’s linerless composite pressure vessels,” said Matt Villarreal, co-founder, and CEO of Infinite Composites Technologies. “We’re very excited to have someone with Jim’s experience and credentials to our team. It’s great timing too, as customer inquiry levels and new project kick-offs have reached new heights.”  

Founded in 2010, ICT has been working with a number of the private launch vehicle and satellite manufacturers since 2016, to design and test components for propellant and pressurant storage systems. 

Co-founder and COO, Michael Tate said “many of these programs are years in the making. From conceptional design to launch may be several years. However, some of the newer players are on much more aggressive timelines. Our organizational systems and manufacturing processes help us ensure that we’re not the hold up for our clients to get to launch. 

In addition, ICT says it secured numerous government and private contracts in 2019 and is expecting to have its first products take flight on various launch vehicles in 2020. Furthermore, they’ve secured a NASA contract for parts to be flown on the international space station. 


Infinite Composites Technologies (ICT)

Founded in 2010, Infinite Composites Technologies is the only linerless, composite pressure vessel manufacturer that is AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 certified to design, develop and manufacture advanced gas storage systems. The company’s simplified all-composite design provides an optimal solution for storing compressed and cryogenic fluids by reducing mass, cost, and lead time versus traditional spacecraft pressure vessels. For more information visit or call 918-409-0384. 

Jim Cantrell 

Jim Cantrell is a serial entrepreneur, with a background in mechanical engineering, rockets, and road racing. He was the CEO and co-founder of Vector Launch, Inc. Prior to Vector, he worked at the French Space Agency and the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, he worked as an independent consultant to aerospace companies for fifteen years and was on the founding teams of SpaceX and Moon Express. He is the author of twenty technical papers and worked on more than 46 satellite flight missions. For more information check out