What Happened to CleanNG?

We are CleanNG… were CleanNG. CleanNG was created to solve a problem we recognized in the natural gas vehicle industry. We knew we could store more fuel at less weight with a simplified all-composite design, which would provide vehicles with better fuel economy, more space efficiency and the ability to travel further. 

However, the problem is much bigger than natural gas vehicles. As our product developed and our Company learned more about gas storage industries, we realized that the way gases are stored and transported have numerous flaws. We believe our manufacturing process for the infinite Composite Pressure Vessel (iCPV), could be the solution.

The majority of our vessels to date have been used outside of the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry; reaching into aerospace projects and industrial gas storage. These initial projects inspired us to attack larger problems. CleanNG was the ignition that fueled the fire to solve bigger problems. 

We’re excited to take on the gas storage problems we’ve identified, those to come and many others related to how we store and transport compressed gases. For more on how CleanNG got started, check out our page on the Race Team or check out one of our CleanNG Genesis blog.

M. Tate, COO